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This site is not your typical commercial website. It is the live work and artistic exploration of Pablo Riestra during his lifetime. A biographical website. In so doing, it’s well mannered to give credit and thanks to those who have collaborated forming his knowledge or skills and who’s work is in display either because he has worked for them or because they have worked for him. Listed in alphabetical order…

Anil Kothari, Bill & Melinda Gates, David Cabarrocas, Javier Antón Pertierra, Donna Senopoulos, Construcciones Hermanos Riestra, Ingenya, J. Bonfill, John Weller, Jordan Biglieri, José María Calvo Sr & Jr, Luis Trelles, Malik Pantaj, Marek Bulaj, Marco Rojas, Mario Cartaya & Juan Justiniano, Mauro Kenji Serra, Menasa, Michael Graves & Patrick Burke, Nick Pritzker, Pastor Melquis, Pat Murphy, Paul Magtrayo, Renato Alonso, Rick Nolan, Ronald Zurcher, WeonSang Ko

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